Ice for consumption

Carnaval Ice produces 4kg block ice and 2.5kg ice bags. This ice is designed for consumption. Block ice is ideal for use in a cooler for your camping trips.

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Ice for preservation food

Bags of crushed ice are used in several ways in the food industry. Bakers use it to quickly cool off dough. In grocery stores, numerous bags are poured into...

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Ice for concrete

Carnaval Ice produces cubed ice for cooling concrete down to the right temperature. We deliver the exact quantity of cubed ice that you...

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Ice production and supplier specialist across Quebec

Carnaval Ice is a business specialized in first rate ice production and delvery. Since 1987, Carnaval Ice produces and distributes ice block for consumption, crushed ice for food preservation as well as cubed ice for cooling concrete.

The factory, located in Val-d’Or, possesses a large production capacity. The ice produced is then distributed to campgrounds, outfitters, grocery stores, and convenience stores in the Quebec province.

The process of ice production at Carnaval Ice surpasses the highest industry standards. Nothing is left to chance in order to guaranty ice that is 100% pure.


Analysis Reports

Your opinion matters

Carnaval Ice gives a special attention to the transparency of its product. See our analysis reports of water to know the exact components of the ice that you have.

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Telephone: 819-824-4524

C.P. 56, Val d’Or (Québec)  J9P 4N9

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