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    Water and ice analysis


    Water analysis

    Carnaval Ice performs two types of water potability analysis:

    • Microbiological analysis to detect the presence of pathogenic microorganisms and indicators of contamination by heterotrophic bacteria
    • Physicochemical or inorganic analysis

    The plant adheres to a water sampling plan to guarantee quality at all times based on Health Canada potability criteria and to satisfy HACCP system requirements.

    A physicochemical analysis is conducted annually; microbiological analyses are carried out each production week at the municipal water intake and following UV treatment.

    Water analysis (finished product)

    Our finished product is subjected to periodical microbiological analysis.

    Ice quality (finished product)

    A metal detector installed on the production line ensures that finished product does not contain fine metallic particles. It is important to emphasize that at Carnaval Ice, equipment that comes into contact with water and ice is made of stainless steel, designed to withstand rust, premature wear, and moisture-related degradation.



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