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HACCP system objectives

  • Food safety must not be compromised by ice products.
  • Ice suppliers must meet their clients’ requirements.
  • Ice suppliers must comply with official regulations.
  • The system encourages better competition on world markets and reduces barriers to national and international trade.

How the HACCP system is structured :

1) Prerequisite programs (Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP)

  • Facilities
    (exterior and interior upkeep, water, sanitary installations, compressed air)
  • Purchasing, receiving, storage and shipping
    (specifications are met, trailers and warehouse areas are inspected)
  • Production equipment
    (design, preventive maintenance, calibration)
  • Personnel
    (technical and personal hygiene training, controlled personnel and visitor access)
  • Cleaning and sanitation / pest control
  • Recall / traceability
  • Chemical control


2) HACCP plan

Procedures are analyzed, and biological and physical hazards identified and monitored during each phase.


3) System documentation

Files that document system monitoring and efficacy are kept on file.


System documentation


HACCP Certificate »

As a member of the International Packaged Ice Association, Carnaval Ice has been awarded IPIA certification, attesting to our compliance with the association’s safety standards, which are based on the HACCP model.

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