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    About Us

    Our company : At Carnaval Ice, we’ve specialized in premium quality ice since 1987, producing and distributing block ice for consumption, crushed ice for food preservation, and cubed ice for cooling concrete.

    We distribute the ice produced at our high-capacity plant in Val-D’Or to campgrounds, outfitters, grocery stores, and convenience stores throughout Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

    Carnaval Ice is a up-and-coming company eager to expand its production and distribution efforts. Our premium quality products and plant have passed stringent safety tests to receive HACCP certification, meaning we can satisfy the increasingly higher requirements imposed by large food chains and clients in the construction, leisure, and sports industries.

    And Carnaval Ice is an innovator, a true pioneer in the field. Following a strategic development planning initiative, we installed a food safety management system to ensure the quality of our products and upgraded our equipment to introduce cutting-edge technology, vastly increasing our productivity.

    At Carnaval, each of us is directly or indirectly involved in producing top quality ice.

    Our Mission: At Carnaval Ice, we know that quality product and outstanding service are the building blocks of good customer relationships. We conduct ongoing water tests and make plant improvements to guarantee that our ice products are 100% pure. Customer health and satisfaction are a constant priority.



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